Back to the Blog, Again…

Love My Coffee

It’s been a long absence, but changes are on the horizon—good changes. In spite of being in a place that doesn’t really seem to need the services that I offer, I find that I still need to publish to stay viable, and the writing seems to clear my head.

I may go a bit backwards before I go forward again… I have a lot of story to tell of the past year.

Living in a territory is an experience that most people don’t fully understand, because they tend to take so much for granted. I know I did before living here. It’s not always easy, between the wild, unleashed dogs, the bugs, (mosquitos!) constant rain, the lack of sidewalks and the stores running out of shipped goods.

It has its beauty and its benefits with less crime, a simpler lifestyle and some killer beaches.

But the truth of the matter is that I need to move on—on to where I can fulfill myself as a photographer, as well as a person. So I will be moving soon, most likely back to Honolulu. I was getting good work there, and I hope to find more, especially now that I can walk again. Meanwhile, until I’m able to do that, I’ll be telling stories. I hope you’re as good with that as I am.

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