One Sunrise, Many Perspectives

Reflections in Golden Light

I’ve been wanting to capture another sunrise, but either the weather hasn’t been cooperating, or my recovering knee has been bothering me a little bit too much. But, I managed to get up early this morning, mainly because I’d heard the weather report–rain would be expected by this afternoon. That would likely mean clouds, and that would likely hold the promise of some good color.

I had just enough time to see something, if I went somewhere close, and if I hurried. I thought I’d try the pier behind The Hilton Hawaiian Village.

Well, the bus took forever to come, and then when I got off, the closest stop was not that close. So, I walked quite a bit to get where I wanted to get to. I might have been afraid of being late, but I really wasn’t at all.

First I took a look at what was going on at Duke Kahanamoku Beach—an outrigger canoe was starting to become bathed in the earliest of morning light, and signs of life were appearing on the beach and in the water.

It was quite beautiful.

Then I wandered back to the Hilton Hawaiian Village lagoon and was unexpectedly rewarded—I’d never seen anything quite like this. The ‘Kona Wind’ was in an early stage of being almost stagnant, creating clear reflections in the water that took my breath away.

Without a doubt, I had guessed right about it being a killer sunrise. Between the prediction of rain and the intense vog, these elements created amazing color that gradually turned into a soft muted haze. It’s not always easy to guess it, and then somedays you get lucky.

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