Playing with Food – Having Fun With a Vietnamese Lunch

I absolutely love this salad! Green papaya with all the garnishes.

We go to this place a lot~ it’s not a fancy place, but the food is really good, nicely put together, and very colorful. I’m really in love with their green papaya salad, and Monty is partial to either vermicelli noodles with chicken or shrimp, or pho.

Usually, we end up going there on on a Saturday, after playing around with our cameras, so they usually accompany us while we eat. Sometimes, the camera comes back out of the bag, when I am enjoying the visuals.

We nearly always start with summer rolls.


They have to have peanut sauce—the peanut sauce here is really good!

By the time I finish just one piece, the salad arrives—green papaya salad. This is my absolute favorite salad, and this place manages to make it better than any other Vietnamese restaurant, at least that I’ve been too. They always have fresh tomatoes, lots of shrimp, peanuts and basil, and best of all, French fried shallots. It is delightful to get a sudden taste of something subtly onion-like. I’m in heaven, every time I have it!

Monty’s comes next. This is lemon grass shrimp over rice vermicelli, and it is his favorite. Again, the bar has been raised as far as this dish goes. It’s almost a ritual pouring the sauce over the noodles.

The sriracha sauce comes next… then a rub of the chopsticks. It really doesn’t get much better.

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