Sistina Restaurant

Pasta with pesto

I was fortunate enough to be called to do a food shoot for Sistina Restaurant recently, since the new owner wanted to re-do the restaurant website and also to offer an early bird special. It had been the first time that I had visited the place, and I was delighted by how visual this venue seems to be.

It’s called Sistina because apparently, the former owner hand-painted the walls with wonderful frescoes, much like the Sistine Chapel.

It was a good photo shoot, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The new owner wanted to offer a dinner special to advertise and that’s what I ended up shooting. Three types of pasta plus Caesar salad and bruschetta… so delicious!

In the end, everyone was pleased. It was also delightful to be treated to lunch, once the shoot was finished—being fed what you’ve shot is an absolutely great perk to doing this kind of gig—I could do this every day!

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