Sunrise at “Sandys”

We’ve been waking up way, too early, these days. On Thanksgiving morning, we were woken up by some loudmouth neighbor, who was being dropped off in the parking lot, and they chatted like it was the middle of the day. That was at about 4:15 am. Monty hadn’t been sleeping well anyway, so we tossed and turned for about 30 minutes until he announced, “I’m going to catch the sunrise and chat with D. B.” D. B. is an old friend, that he used to work with. D. B. has a really, cool job: he counts monk seals.

Of course, by him saying he wanted to watch the sunrise, he meant he wanted me to come, too. So we took showers, made coffee to go, packed up the cameras, and took off to Hālona Blowhole.

It was super windy and stormy that morning, but it made both of us feel better. We chatted with D. B. and took lots of photos, none of which were that impressive, because the sky was so gloomy.

This morning, we woke up all by ourselves at about 4:20, and Monty announced, “Let’s go see the sunrise.” I told him I thought is was raining, but knowing how things go around here, that didn’t mean much. So today we drank coffee first, (because we had time) took showers, packed cameras and drove off again to Hālona Blowhole.

I was just a little bit antsy to see a different view on things, and I suggested to Monty that perhaps one time we could go down to Sandy Beach? I was just a little ways down the road. He said, “We can go right now, if you want.” Who am I to refuse?

We arrived in time to get down to the beach to watch the bodysurfers doing dawn patrol, with plenty of time left to see the sunrise. If you know nothing about Sandy Beach, you should know that it has a very, strong and potentially deadly shore break. But, as I found this morning, that’s what made this sunrise so breathtakingly beautiful.

This was my first time watching a sunrise at “Sandys,” and I’m pretty sure it’s the most beautiful one that I’ve ever seen.

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