The Flower Show

The Flower Show

Okay, I totally admit it—I’m a flower girl! Some may deride me for it, (and they have) but I already know that I’m in good company. Flowers are where I got my start in photography, and I have no regrets for choosing such a lovely beginning. They make me feel happy. They inspire me. I get excited when I see them in beautiful morning light. Sadly, where I live now, they are not so valued.

I got my start with flowers when I was a small child and was given a packet of sweet pea seeds. I learned to nurture them (watering them was enough, back then)  and was eventually rewarded with dozens of lovely, multi-colored blooms. I was enamored, and I still am.

I spent a good many afternoons of my teen years bicycling to the beautiful Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco, after school. Back in those days, admission was free and you could leave your bike in a rack nearby and not even need a lock. Yes, it would still be there, once done visiting—good days, those were. Those afternoons were spent shedding my sweater or jacket upon entry of that humid glass palace and drinking in the scents and rich colors of exotic flora. I have to go back there every time I return to The City… the only difference being the high admission price. The rest of that experience thankfully remains the same.

I was fortunate to be able to revisit Spring in California this year—and what a Spring it was! After four long years of drought, my home state had an insane amount of rain during the Winter of 2016, thus bringing a super-bloom not seen in many a lifetime. That bloom wasn’t just about the wildflowers on the plains and hillsides, (that’s another story) but virtually everywhere. It couldn’t get much better than that, for me.

My Spring in California gave me glimpses of flowers that I was not even aware that grew there, so I had a lot of lovely surprises. After 23 years of living in Hawai‘i, I had forgotten that so many plants need the cold to produce flowers, so it was amazing to see so many of my favorites actually growing out of the ground, instead of just cut and bought from the supermarket. Of course, I have a deep love of the tropicals too, but variety and diversity are the spice of life.

Last year, I re-worked a bunch of my images and made them into a calendar. It kept me busy for a good portion of last year, though I got killed on the postage, since the printer doesn’t deliver to this particular territory. My cousin became my ‘satellite office’ making things a little bit more easy, but complicated, at the same time, but at least they were delivered. I didn’t make a dime of profit, and part of that was my own fault. I won’t do it that way again, though it made a decent tax write-off.

I have a bazillion more images that I’ve shot over the years, so don’t be surprised if you see another ‘flower show.’ I hope you’re up for it.

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